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The Oakdale Centre offers a wide range of personal and professional development programmes. These include clinical supervision, CPD courses and workshops as well as professional  coaching.

BUSS ModelThe BUSS model training seeks to build on practitioners’ existing skills, introducing the important role that movement plays within the early years of a developing child. It brings together Sensory Integration theory (which helpfully explains how the brain and central nervous system develop in response to movement in the early years), Attachment theory and a neurosequential understanding of the impact of trauma on the developing brain.

In a typically-developing child, relational and movement experiences allow a child to progress through the stages of development and move towards smooth, well co-ordinated movements. With this, comes a sense of connectedness with themselves and a feeling their body is helpful and reliable in what they ask it to do. This builds a foundation for the development of more complex movement.

Combining an understanding of the foundation sensorimotor systems and circumstances in which they may be underdeveloped, it’s possible for the BUSS practitioner to support families to use games and activities, to rebuild those foundation systems. This platform of good bodily regulation allows for the development of emotional regulation, relationships, and learning.

Many people undertake BUSS training without plans to become accredited practitioners and we welcome the richness and diversity this brings to training events.

All BUSS training in the UK is overseen by Sarah Lloyd. No other training or accreditation in the BUSS model is approved or recognised by BUSS Model Ltd. If you have any queries about this, please contact us on

Levels of Training

Training is available for individuals and organisations. It’s anticipated that more people will train at introduction and Level One stages than will progress to become accredited BUSS practitioners and consultants. Bespoke training and ongoing work can also be offered for organisations with different requirements (e.g. education).

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Recent testimonials:

“The best thing is that the strategies are easy to do – don’t focus on feelings and emotional issues. Children might enjoy the practical suggestions rather than trying to explain ‘why’ they’re doing something they shouldn’t.”

“Brilliant, interesting training – looking forward to next month”

“How useful it is, presenter approach”

“Useful to have overview explanation and idea of strategies”

“As a trainer, really engaging, doesn’t use jargon and makes sure info is accessible.”

“I got a real sense that Sarah wants people to learn and be confident to use this approach.”

“Trainer’s delivery very engaging.”

“Case studies very useful”

“Very good content and will be very useful for my work”

“Learning about the systems and being provided with tools on how to rebuild these systems”

“How surprisingly easy it can be to make changes”

“Very inspiring trainer: so passionate and knowledgeable with a cheeky sense of humour brought everything alive.”

“I will really be able to integrate some of this in to my Theraplay practice, as well as when training adopters.”

“It’s been a fantastic, thought provoking 2 days training – highlights simple techniques that can make such a huge qualitative difference to our children’s lives!”

“A superb second day as day one, full of super gusto, warmth, experience and accessible information.”

“Very useful to try out activities and learn strategies.”

“Thank you, really motivated to incorporate this into school”

Oakdale has been providing regular four to eight week Mindfulness Courses over the last seven years. The mindfulness team is led by Annika Wager, an experienced and highly trained mindfulness teacher.

Research has shown that mindfulness courses are effective in improving general wellbeing, reducing stress and increasing resilience in dealing with life’s pressures. Mindfulness is a mental training that reduces the tendency to go through life on autopilot. By learning to pay more attention to thoughts, feelings and experiences as they arise, it changes the way we relate to our day to day experiences, particularly stressful ones. Participants report reduced stress/worry/over-thinking and better sleep, more emotional regulation and more awareness and control in how they manage their minds and emotions. Rather than worrying about what has happened or what might happen, mindfulness trains us to respond skilfully to whatever is happening right now. In this course mindfulness meditation is presented in a practical and experiential way. There is a strong focus on learning skills that can be applied in everyday situations at work or home.

Recent testimonials:

“This was an excellent, practical and useful course with intelligent, informed and skilful guidance from someone who has personal experience of the positive benefits of the practices.”

“I now have the ability to take myself out of my internal chatter. I wish I had done this course years ago. The techniques make such a difference to the way I live my life.”

“I had tried to learn a little mindfulness from a book with little success. I would definitely recommend a course to learn mindfulness – Annika’s classes add a whole dimension that just can’t be captured otherwise.”

“Has really helped with my well-being, self esteem and being kinder to myself.”

“Loved every session, looked forward to it each week.”

Clinical Supervision

The Oakdale Centre has a number of qualified clinical supervisors providing:

Professional and Leadership Coaching

Oakdale works with a number of professional coaches providing:

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BUSS Model Training Courses

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