Associate Practitioners


Dr Dominica Chamberlain
Dr Tom Cliffe
Dr Haydee Cochrane
Dr Jules Franklin
Dr Tom Matthews
Dr Philippa Sammons
Dr Kate Empson
Dr Rosie Wilson
Dr Lucy Rigley
Dr Kate Dutton
Dr Claudia Salt

Psychotherapists and Counsellors

Nicky Hammatt
Clive Kirkham
Jane Cooper
Kirsten Antoncich
Veronica Bennett
Rosie Humberstone
Clare Beavan
Marina Castle
Charlene Campbell
Diane Webb
Claire Wright
Ruth Dunstan
Maggie Buckley
Nicola Smith
Kerry McDermott
Hernan Sosa-Canal
Merinda Levi
Ruth Laband
Daniel Easton
Alison Gilmour
Laura Town
Rosie Driffill
Louise Howarth
Margaret Wilson
Robbie Miles
Justine Brooks
Lucy Edwards
Rosemary Harris
Catherine Tatman
Gillian Murgatroyd
Jane Graham
Michelle Baruch Baron
Miranda Currie
Joe McGuire
Martina Mindang

Speech and Language Therapists

Jessica Lofthouse
Hannah Karnacz
Sarah White
Dr Anna Collins
Alison Drake


Professor John Morgan
Dr Monica Shaha
Dr Mini G Pillay
Dr Laura Meek
Dr Sara Mansoor

Neurodevelopmental Assessment Practitioner

Catherine Blythman
Carmen Rowell

Specialist Occupational Therapists

Sarah Lloyd
Louise Bennett


Philippa Gallagher

Mindfulness Teachers

Peter Turner
Annika Wager


Elinor Campbell

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