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Testimonials from people using the Oakdale Centre…

I feel the whole process from start to finish was handled with great care and great empathy. All the staff were good, [my therapist] was a perfect person to take and understand my issues.


[My therapist] has been a huge support to me over the last few months, guiding and helping me through my recovery. As a result of the therapy I feel like my old self again. I can’t thank the team enough


[My therapist]  has been fantastic. She has changed my life (in a good way!!) I think she is truly brilliant, insightful and candid.


I was slightly cynical at the start although I was open minded. During each session I found the process to be stimulating, positive, and it made me ready to explore my own psyche to a level I never thought possible. I believe this has been one of the most enlightening things I have been involved in and I must congratulate [my therapist] on her professional manner. I am now more prepared to face up to the issues I raised than ever before and look forward to the future with great anticipation. Thank you.


Knowing I had an appointment to talk to [my therapist] on Mondays has enabled me to cope with some otherwise dreadful days, nights and weekends. She has been the high point of my week. I cannot praise her enough.  She has enabled me to improve my lifestyle and to combat the depression.


The style, honesty and delivery of the counselling has been first class throughout the sessions. The benefits and improvements to my life are unbelievable.  I now feel that I can have a future and that I will with time and awareness continue to improve.

I would just like to say a big thank you to K. She helped me through a very difficult time and showed me there is life after what happened to me. Thank you once again.


Thank you J for: Listening to us; Enabling us to listen to each other; Enabling us to listen to ourselves; Restoring our belief and trust in each other and ourselves; Enabling us to bridge our temporary gap


Just a brief note to thank you very much for the care and concern you have shown

Feedback from parents who have been through the BUSS Model:

The impact so far on our daughter is remarkable. Our main concerns were around the way she manages her emotions, mainly at school and when playing with other children. She can feel very angry very quickly at seemingly small things. She also struggles to sit still and can’t cope with unpredictability.  These were impacting on her friendships and her learning.


We were struggling to understand how this physical work could help her emotionally, but the improvement so far has been remarkable. We have noticed that her reactions to unexpected situations are much more measured, school has fed back that she is calmer when she is there and that they can reason with her much more easily, she seems to be able to stay in the moment a little longer and generally seems less angry and frustrated all round. We will be continuing with great gusto and hoping that the improvements will continue!


My own personal understanding of what’s going on with my child and what they need is incredible. I have learned so much in the last few months and become really creative in how to use the sensory integration techniques in everyday life. Taste tests, exercise balls, balancing and combat crawling fun games that have been adapted to suit my child.


For her to feel comfortable walking down the stairs without being afraid was the biggest accomplishment I can think of, and in a very short space of time. I would definitely highly recommend this work; an essential understanding of what has been missed or gotten stuck and how it affects the body.


Feedback from teachers and therapists who have done the BUSS training:

The best thing is that the strategies are easy to do – don’t focus on feelings and emotional issues. Children might enjoy the practical suggestions rather than trying to explain ‘why’ they’re doing something they shouldn’t.


Useful to have overview explanation and idea of strategies


As a trainer, really engaging, doesn’t use jargon and makes sure info is accessible.


Case studies very useful


Learning about the systems and being provided with tools on how to rebuild these systems


How surprisingly easy it can be to make changes


I will really be able to integrate some of this in to my Theraplay practice, as well as when training adopters.


It’s been a fantastic, thought provoking 2 days training – highlights simple techniques that can make such a huge qualitative difference to our children’s lives!


Thank you, really motivated to incorporate this into school


This was an excellent, practical and useful course with intelligent, informed and skilful guidance from someone who has personal experience of the positive benefits of the practices.


I now have the ability to take myself out of my internal chatter. I wish I had done this course years ago. The techniques make such a difference to the way I live my life.


I had tried to learn a little mindfulness from a book with little success. I would definitely recommend a course to learn mindfulness – Annika’s classes add a whole dimension that just can’t be captured otherwise.


Has really helped with my well-being, self esteem and being kinder to myself.


Loved every session, looked forward to it each week.

Very inspiring trainer so passionate and knowledgeable with a cheeky sense of humour brought everything alive.


I will really be able to integrate some of this in to my Theraplay practice, as well as when training adopters.


It’s been a fantastic, thought provoking 2 days training – highlights simple techniques that can make such a huge qualitative difference to our children’s lives!


The sessions were a life-changing experience for me and I feel that I am a better and more complete professional as a result. I am only at the start of the journey, but the road ahead is clearer than it’s ever been and I know exactly where I am going and why I’m going there.

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